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 A glimpse of Brainloop secure data room

Share information worldwide in a business deal is no more a big problem after the formation of virtual data rooms (VDR). The high security and confidential solution to M&A, due diligence and licensing are delivered by a German originated multinational company whose VDR named Brainloop secure data room, it comes into being in 2000. They focus on all the strategic plans and activities going-on in a deal between the partners and secure all the transactions and information regarding the deal.

Brainloop is virtual software that firm data rooms and solution for beneficent collaboration and generates professional communication. It allows unlimited users to be registered every year. Many well-reputed firms are their clients include BB bank, Allianz, Winterthur, twitter, Aquin& Cie, Ergo, Logistik and many more.

Technical features


They contain a branded user interface and have a custom user page. It gives sign-on integration, active directory integration through APIs.

Deployment and support

It is a cloud-based software and can be installed at multiple datacenters.24/7 support via phone calls and emails. They have a live training section or data can be archive on USB or DVD.

 A glimpse of Brainloop secure data room

Collaboration feature

It secures user messages and generates new documents notification also. It contains a Q&A module for the assistance of its clients.

Accessibility and filter

It can be accessed through any smartphones and can be viewed as the files through an excel spreadsheet. You can search the data, by all means, name content or by parameters. German, French and English languages are understood.

Security and tracking activities

Users can access the data bypassing two-factor authentications. Access has an expiry date and provides granular user permission and permission group to share data with relevant client and customer. The actions are monitor and limited by specific IP addresses.

Digital management of files

It contains customized document watermark and can’t be copy, print or download file. Files are 256-bit encrypted. It allows desktop synchronization. It supports many file formats but not all. Multiple files can be drag& dropped.

Industrial solution provided by Brainloop is as follows

·         Bankruptcy ·         Fundraising
·         Clinical studies ·         Debt financing
·         Board portal ·         M&A solutions
·         Biotech licensing ·         IPO& Exits
·         Due diligence ·         Post merge
·         Document repository ·         Private equity


Brainloop secure data room provides a quick and efficient digital platform to share a large amount of data of a strategic transaction in which advisors, investors, and clients are always updated so they can make a better on the spot and these all sensitive and confidential information are end-to-end encrypted.