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Best Dosage to Get Result from Melanotan 2

There is no better way to get yourself a tan than by using melanotan 2. The traditional way of getting a tan is also good, which his exposure of your body to the sun. However, this traditional method of doing things has so many disadvantages and it cannot be said to be the best method to get a tan. The sun contains what is called the UV ray (you must have heard of that before). The UV ray does not have any good effect on the skin. In fact, it can damage the skin and cause sunburn. Sun burn is even the least of the problem the UV ray from the sun can cause; it can equally lead to skin cancer.  You can prevent any of these problems by simply opting for melanotan. How much melanotan 2 should I take? It depends on a number of factors, some of which will be hinted in the course of this write-up.

The starting dose

Melanotan 2 has proved itself to be reliable for developing a full body tan. However, the product must be used properly so that it can have the desired effect without any side effect. You will never have to worry about any side effect if you use it as prescribed. How much melanotan 2 should I take? The starting dose is 0.3mg.  You may also decide to upscale or downscale this dose depending on how your body responds to the starting dose.  But it is safe to keep the starting dose at this.  Studies show that it is better to use the product before you go to bed at night so that you can better deal with any discomfort that may arise. Bear in mind that only few individuals had ever mentioned the experience of discomfort consequent of using this product.

The loading dose      

loading dose  The starting dose can kick start the process, but the loading dose helps to push the reaction forward faster and ensure that you can get the desired tan more quickly.  The recommended loading dose is 0.5mg and it should be taken daily. You can continue with the recommended loading dose until your skin attains the desired tone.

The recommended starting and loading doses for melanotan 2 can work perfectly for most people, but the dosages may vary slightly in some other individuals depending on several factors, like the person’s bodyweight and skin type.  So, you should put these factors into consideration when choosing the starting and loading doses for melanotan 2.