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THC and CBD can enter the body in so many ways, such as smoking, ingesting, vaping, and even through the skin. Because of this, there are plenty of THC and CBD products available in the market. Below are the most popular among them.



You can take cannabis oil on its own in various forms. It is the most sought-after cannabis product because of its versatility. The THC content of CBD oils is too low for it to give you the high sensation. The lack of it lets you enjoy the desired results. People usually use this oil for relieving pain, anxiety, nausea, and more. Cannabis oil can treat certain rare forms of epilepsy.


Cannabis beverages have not yet reached the same popularity level as cannabis oils. Although this is the case, this product is getting more exposure. Bars in Los Angeles offer cocktails infused with cannabis. This trend can expand if marijuana gets legalized in more states. Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado. Dispensaries in the area sell cannabis cola and fruit punch. You can also buy coffees infused with cannabis from several coffee shops in New York. Some breweries in Oregon and Washington even have CBD beer available.


Cannabis gummies have become one of the most sought-after cannabis products. CBD and THC gummies are prolific enough that it is not surprising to see them at a local gas station. Some cannabis gummies only have CBD while others also have THC in them. It is most likely that you can find CBD and THC gummies where marijuana is legal.

Dog treats

It is not advisable to give your dog anything with high THC content. Some companies created special hemp and CBD products for pets. These treats can treat certain conditions in dogs although vets cannot prescribe it. A lot of people still depend on it for the treatment of their dogs. Owners claim that CBD dog treats help them manage their dogs’ anxiety, epilepsy, and joint pain. Some even say that the treats helped them treat the cancer of their dog. Since there is no federal regulation, you cannot determine how much CBD or THC is too much for dogs. Giving CBD treats to dogs should be for practical purposes only. Never give them these treats if your intention is to give  your dog a high sensation.

Cannabis remains illegal in some places. Since the allowed amount of research has limits, you should be careful when using CBD and THC products.