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Free Install Fake Messages App To Do Pranks

 Your friend comes up to you and tells you that she got a message from kylie Jenner, would you believe it, the answer is obviously no. Now, suppose she even shows you the screenshot of that text message then you will be left with no choice than to believe her. Now you will spend your whole day thinking why and how it happened and congratulations you got trapped in her prank. This prank is done by a fake text message app which you can free install on your iPhones.

Fake Messages App

About fake text message application

Available to be used in all Apple devices including iPhone and iPad and even iPod touch. It needs IOS 9.0 for it to work in any device. You can free install this application and prank with your friends or cousins. The seller of this application is James green. To install this app on your devices you need to have a whole lot of space since it is of 61.6 MB.

How to create a fake message

You need to start by installing the application on your device. Once you have installed it, you are ready to go. A new text message area will pop up on your screens you can click on the add text message icon from there and then type in the message you want to create. Type in the name of that person you want to get a fake message from and it is done. This application even lets you add prank messages as notification to your lock screen. To work on this app you need to enter certain information about yourself like your email address or so. It is just for registration purpose and your data remains safe and secure.

With the use of this app, you can play tricks with your friends as it creates fake messages appear very realistic. If you want people to believe your fake lock screen then you must turn off the real notification icon, otherwise, it can lead you into problems and reveal your prank. This app is just for fun and you should not use it for doing any harmful or illegal activity.