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Frozen Food Delivery and Courier Services On Go

Whether you want to store an individual item or many pallets, you will find the best storage courier facility. Chilled or frozen, your products are safe! Frozen food delivery service will make sure all the cold products are well maintained at the original temperature in order to avoid any potential loss and damage. We are looking to serve the increasing need of the customers who are finding ways for transporting solutions of the food products to the local areas; we’ve expanded in storage side in order to provide our clients his one stop store for their requirements.

  • Picking, packing & wrapping services.courier frozen goods
  • Dry, Chilled and Frozen Storage, which includes freezer and refrigerated shelving for pallets and cartons.
  • Express services are also available for demanding circumstances.
  • Dry, Frozen and Chilled goods transport including Pallet and carton delivery.
  • Safe and careful handling of products and freight.
  • The personalized approach for every job and you will not be just another client.
  • We cater to the food industry requirements and needs among others.

Most of the courier frozen goods do not often handle the perishable goods such as fresh produce or frozen products; however handling such kinds of the deliveries will put you at the significant benefit over some other couriers. You can also transport the high-value items such as laboratory samples and medical supplies, which have to be kept in a right temperature. Best part is you may charge a bit extra for such services.

Thus without further ado, here’s the basic list on what you will do to handle delivery of the perishable goods.

Get basic supplies

The new delivery drivers who are aiming to transport the perishables goods will need following: old newspapers, insulated vessels of different sizes, supply of the dry ice and plastic wrap. These vessels can be easy Styrofoam chests; however the most important thing is you have enough of containers to handle the packages of various sizes.

Pack perishable goods

The delivery drivers will start off just by wrapping perishable products in overlapping different layers of the plastic cling wrap for sealing & protecting it.