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GDAX and Coinbase: What is Better Alternative?

Do you want to begin buying, selling and trading in cryptocurrencies or want to know difference between the gdax and Coinbase? Stay tight, as I will be dissecting both of them in the full-length comparison, and helping you decide which you must prefer!


Crypto Exchange over Coinbase

Coinbase is the exchange broker, which allows the people to buy or sell various cryptocurrencies. Made in the year 2012, company is headquartered at San Francisco in California. Even though this platform isn’t accessible to everybody, now they allow the people from over 30 countries to open the account. Coinbase is quite popular as they provide the simple way of getting involved in the cryptocurrency for a first time since they allow the users to deposit their funds by using either the debit or credit card and bank account.

When the cryptocurrency is been listed over Coinbase, often it tends to add some important value to price of this coin as the platform makes this simple to buy by using the real-world money. This offers the unprecedented liquidity to coin as well as opens this up to the bigger audience.  Whenever you buy cryptocurrencies from the Coinbase, you’re buying straight from this platform. It is quite different from other exchanges, and where you generally trade straight with other users. Now as you know background of the Coinbase, next part will be looking at the GDAX!

Exchanging over GDAX

Made in the year 2016, GDAX is the cryptocurrency exchange, which allows the people to purchase, sell as well as trade various coins.