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Gyuto Knife: Awesome Uses To Know About

In the Japanese language, Gyuto means beef sword. Gyuto knife is a widely used Japanese knife that is mainly used to cut meat.

Top Features of the Gyuto knife to know about 

The gyuto is the flexible chef’s knife. This knife is mainly used for cutting fish, meat, as well as vegetables, which is mainly suitable for preparing Western cuisine. Some of the features of the gyuto knife are as below:

gyuto knife

  1. This type of knife is longer in comparison to other types of knives. This mainly measures between 8 to 12 inches. This type of knife can be used on larger items.
  2. This type of knife is double beveled. This implies that this blade is sharp on both sides of the blade.
  3. The tip of this knife is low as well as pointed. The tip is also close to the center of gravity. Which makes this knife great for any detailed work.
  4. The blade of this particular knife comes into close contact with the cutting board.  So the user does not have to raise it up high at the time of cutting. The blade is mainly made up of durable material.
  5. This knife is very light in weight. So this is an ideal option for mincing vegetables as well as proteins. One should not cut the bones with this type of knife.
  6. Gyuto knives do have a slightly curved blade. This mainly enables the user to cut different ingredients by using the rocking motion.

Top uses of the Gyuto knife to know about 

The Gyuto is one the best knives which can be able to do everything. The same knife can be used on different types of foods, vegetables, proteins, as well as fruit. This knife can be used for chopping, slicing, as well as dicing.