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How important are your teeth to your personality?

Your smile is the most distinguishing feature of your personality. So, a healthy smile is essential for achieving higher self-esteem. Whereas white teeth are vital to your beautiful smile. The laser teeth whitening singapore helps you to remove the stains and plaque that can strengthen your enamel. It involves applying hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth, then the laser energy will get exposed to them. During this procedure, the stains will get removed from your teeth permanently.

laser teeth whitening singapore

The major benefits of teeth whitening treatment are:

  • An effective method: There are several kinds of toothpaste and whitening strips that help in removing the stains temporarily. But this method of whitening teeth detaches the stains from the core permanently on the molecular level.
  • It is a fast technique: People consider it as the best method as it shows the results during the first session. While there are other sessions too which are important to give the full effect. There are no other methods or products needed while practicing this therapy.
  • The method is less damaging: It is a non-invasive method. People can go through the treatment with no fear of bleeding of gums, irritation, or other effects as they perform it under the supervision of professionals. They don’t use any bleaching products during the treatment.
  • It can last longer: This is a long-lasting procedure as it is bound to eliminate old stains permanently. Brushing teeth two times a day and mouthwash are the methods that are performed regularly to remove stains. So adapting the method of teeth whitening is an effective and long-lasting way.