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How to conduct an interview

Why is this important? The interview is not only the time to test a potential employee. It is also the moment of testing a potential employer. Gone are the days when candidates were glad that they were invited to the interview. If you want to build a strong team that will create a beloved brand and financial power from your company, then you must attract the best candidates. Do you want to build a team of the best specialists? Create an employer profile (here) https://www.itguyresumes.com/cancel-interview  that will help them find you online and apply directly to the position you want to fill.

IT guy resumesWhat should the interview look like?

Of course, each interview is slightly different. Much depends on the industry, the position the candidate is applying for, his experience, or the size of the company. However, to be able to talk about a professionally conducted recruitment interview, https://www.itguyresumes.com/cancel-interview/ the employer must meet several conditions

How to professionally conduct an interview?

Get ready to meet. This is an absolute basis. Before the interview, the recruiter should read the candidate’s CV, know his name, and the most important facts from his professional career. He should also be able to tell briefly about what the company does and what duties await the position to which the recruitment relates. You should also prepare a list of the most important questions.

Make sure you have a friendly atmosphere. The recruiter should say hello to the candidate, thank you for your interest in the offer, and suggest something to drink. It is worth relaxing the atmosphere with a smile and a question not related to recruitment – e.g., about travel or weather. The recruiter should also take care of privacy during the conversation (empty room or room), as well as show respect to the interlocutor (e.g., by silencing the telephone).