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How to open a liquor store?

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Is a liquor store a good business idea? Market data show increasing alcohol consumption and fewer liquor stores. Here’s some information on how to open a liquor store and whether you can sell alcohol online. Of course, we will only be interested in retail sales.

Which alcohol sells best?

We are interested in a small liquor store. According to CMR research from 2918, the smallest stores (i.e., up to 300 sq m) had the largest sales, both in terms of quantity and value, of the beer segment. In alcohol stores, 90% of all bottles sold are beer. In terms of sales value restaurants near Towson md the “golden drink” accounts for 54%. A quarter is pure vodka, and 11% is colored vodka. At the end of the rate, there are wines, whiskey, and rum.

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Where can you sell alcohol?

Opening a liquor store involves some restrictions. The basic requirement is to have a permit for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages. It is commonly referred to as an “alcohol license.” The rules for granting licenses for alcohol are set out in the Act on Upbringing in Sobriety and Counteracting Alcoholism. Each municipality restaurants near towson md also has the right to determine the number of alcohol sales outlets, as well as the location of such places. So before you start following ads under the slogan premises for a liquor store, be sure to check with the municipal office if there is a chance for another point of sale of alcohol. If it is not possible to open an alcohol store in your municipality, check with the neighboring one. Let’s assume that you can open a liquor store. You will then have to go for a license.

How much is the license to sell alcohol?

A retail concession for alcohol is issued by the head of a commune, mayor, or city president. Who to contact? This is determined by the location of the point where you want to operate.

The cost of the license depends on what type of alcohol we want to sell. And yes:

PLN 525 – alcoholic beverages containing up to 4.5% alcohol and beer

PLN 525 – alcoholic beverages containing more than 4.5% to 18% alcohol (except beer)

PLN 2,100 – alcoholic beverages containing more than 18% alcohol

You must remember that if you want to sell all types of alcohol, you must pay for all licenses.

It is also possible to buy a one-time permit to sell alcohol, if, for example, you want to sell drinks with interest at an outdoor event.