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Modern detective stories and novels of the mystery genre

One of the most difficult art, like comedy, is engaging your readers with suspense and thrill. It is not easy for every writer to describe the mystery in a very catchy way. Mystery genre requires the utmost attention of the writer to fix the sequence of the incident, the plot and the introduction of the characters because even a single disorder would make the novel unbinding. The famous novelists who have expertise in this genre would be the best to pick. We would be discussing some good mystery novels to read here.

Famous writers and their creations

mystery novels to read

When we talk about the mystery genre, Agatha Christie is one of the most famous names that come to our mind. Her creations like And then there were none, HerculePoirot’s series, etc. were the best sellers of its time. These books were so engaging and binding that if you started it once you would not leave it until you complete it. The other immortal character in the minds of people created by Sir Arthur Canon Doyle of Sherlock Holmes is also an elite class of books of the mystery genre. The duet of Holmes and Watson were the best detective pair ever created. We are always in the search of such engaging and thoughtful novels which would have an everlasting impact after reading.

A bibliophile always looks for a variety of books to enhance his knowledge as well as vision. One who loves mystery genre looks for those mystery novels to read which have a good plot, story, characters and the perfect sequence of events so that the mystery is no unveiled in between and the reader is into the novel till the book is ended.

Online availability

There are a lot of sites offering books online like American online bookstore and here you can find good quality books and if you are interested in mystery genre you must go for the books by Sir Wolfdogg Lanier who is a specialist of detective stories and mystery novels. He is also specialized in covering historical events and places that are significant. You can get books which are full of thrill and suspense. You can explore the world of crime with a love twist in it.

When you read such kind of novels, it helps you to sharpen your brain and helps you think and visualize in a much broader sense. So, all the mystery lovers what are you waiting for? Go, buy and read.