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Online Cannabis Seeds, Buy Them Quickly And At An Affordable Price

Protected by an outer shell, and commonly called an embryonic plant. It’s formed when pollen fertilizes the female plant. These seeds are ready to grow once they have successfully germinated or if the root has got broken between the bases. Often called as marijuana seeds, and scientifically cannabis seeds. Based in the USA in California, a website named ‘Bankofseeds’ ships cannabis seeds to many places around the world, covering around eight countries so far that includes Asia, Australia, Europe, and some more.

 Different payment modes are there for your convenience;

  • So, they only accept ‘Cryptocurrency.’
  • But what if you don’t have cryptocurrency or have never used it before? Not an issue. You can buy them easily using your debit/credit cards from various apps offering bitcoin in exchange for real money (cash app, binance, etc.).
  • They also offer you the option of directly transferring the bitcoin/cryptocurrency and making a payment using the apps mentioned above. You can also transfer that to your bitcoin wallet and then pay through it on their website.
  • When you are ready with your cart with the products, click on send (when paying via the bitcoin app), and scan the QR code available on the page of bank feeds during checkout and click on the send button, and your order is placed.

Sum up

They do charge for shipping as well, but it’s very less like for inside the US, you pay $5, and for international orders, charges are $20. And don’t worry, money is safe even if it’s a prepaid order, the delivery is guaranteed, and they ship it within 72 hours as well, so all good. Now you know that you can even buy these seeds online at the comfort of your home delivered at your doorstep.