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Pokemon Go – an overview

There may be endless number of mobile games, the pokemo go is considered to be the most popular one among them. There are many rumors that this game is not safe enough for the mobile device. But this is not the fact. This game is completely safe enough to play from the mobile device. The people who are playing this game must remember that they are just playing and must remain alert throughout the game. In case if they tend to do something terrible related to the game, their account will get banned. And they may also have various troubles in starting them from the first.


This game was released in the year 2016. Even though this was published by Niantic this game is collaboration between Niantic and The Pokemon Company. The game is a mobile game and it can be used in iOS and Android smartphones. The most interesting aspect about this game is GPS will be utilized in order to track the location of the gamer. This is the reason why this game tends to provide the feel of playing the game in the real world. And this is also the other important reason which laid way for their popularity to a greater extent.

Pokemon Go – an overview

Game account

Each and every player who wants to play this game should have a game account. They must remember that in case if they fail to handle this game in the right way, their account will be banned. The players are also provided with the option to choose their avatars and they can also feel free to customize it according to their needs. Different species of Pokemon will be involved in the game and features of these species will get varied from one another. The gamers should be aware of these factors in order to play the game at its best.

Buy account

In case if the account is banned and if the gamer is need of a better account to start enjoying the game, they can buy the pokemon go accounts. There are many online sources where these accounts can be easily purchased. But it is to be noted that the trustable online source should be approached for buying this account. This is because safety is more important than any other aspect in the game. They can read the reviews carefully and can choose the best account which they are in need of.