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Room bars: what are they?

In South Korea, especially in Seoul, room bars (강남룸싸롱) are located on practically every street, and a LOT of business meetings take place there. A typical session can last four to six hours. A manager of some type will lead you into a closed room when you arrive. In one of the corners, there will be a Karaoke machine; I’ll talk about them later. The room will include a large table in the centre and luxurious, exquisite sofas on the other three sides. Everyone smokes, so settle in, sip some water, fire up a cigarette, and relax. Your order for alcohol will soon be taken by a waitress, madam, or hostess.

The process goes on for approximately 15 minutes, at which point your stomach starts to make that peculiar “hate you” noise and your ears start to sparkle. A wave of girls will enter the room as the door abruptly swings open. Just like the king in Gladiator, you get to relax and decide which one you find to be the most attractive.


What do host bars mean?

They are women who, in Seoul’s “” neighbourhoods, have the option to select and pay for male companions. To entertain and companion women who are prepared to pay, some establishments employ male hosts. Pouring beverages, talking, dancing, and karaoke singing are the main activities involved. Your chosen “hostess” will take your seat when you make your selection. And during the evening, she will serve you shots of scotch, put fruit on toothpicks in your mouth, and overall act like your closest buddy. They are often found in crowded areas like Itaewon. In clubs, patrons can dance to loud music on a dance floor. On stage, DJs can perform and engage the crowd. Visitors can enter if they buy pricey booze by the bottle and there are tables and rooms available.