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Three most recommended Family Law Cases for a Child Custody Lawyer

Some family law cases may have an impact on a child’s legal rights. The majority of parents want to know if they will live with their child or play a role in their child’s upbringing. While cost is a consideration in such circumstances, hiring a child custody lawyer such as child custody attorney Houston will help safeguard the interests of all parties involved. In the following situations, legal assistance is recommended to reach a mutual agreement:

  1. Cases of divorce

Parents often question how visitation and support issues will be settled in divorce proceedings. Financial assistance, property split, and visitation are all key issues that come up. These elements define the best strategy for addressing legal difficulties. In this case, a lawyer assists the divorcing spouse in reaching a beneficial settlement to their children. With the assistance of a lawyer, the couple may choose to engage in informal settlement negotiations or mediation. If this does not work, they may wish to take the dispute to a court of law so that a judge can assess the situation.

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  1. Cases of unmarried parents

There are also situations in which the parents are not married. Legal rights are normally given to the mother in most places. The father, on the other hand, can pursue legal proceedings to obtain visit and guardianship rights. The legal approach to unmarried parenting cases is still the same as it is for divorce proceedings. The parents can consult with a child custody lawyer and come to an arrangement.

  1. Non-parental situations

Non-parental cases, often known as third-party custody, are situations in which biological parents demand guardianship powers. Close family friends, aunts, uncles and grandparents are examples of such persons. The state normally guides these folks through the proper procedure for claiming custody. When filing a non-parental petition with a family court, a person can seek legal assistance. The petition should answer three key questions: the person’s relationship to the kid, the biological parents’ current status (alive or deceased), and the purpose for seeking guardianship.


Custody cases can become problematic if the parents refuse to agree. In this scenario, a child custody lawyer will assist in resolving all issues, including support and visitation. If one or both parents decide to take the matter to a family court, a lawyer will guide them through the legal procedure and the alternatives available after the court’s decision. Obtaining legal assistance from child custody attorney Houston in such circumstances also ensures that the children will always receive the support they require.