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Visiting Another World Through Snorkelling!

If you are holidaying in a place from where a beach is accessible, you would want to try out some water activities. And if this place happens to be rich in marine life and you happen to be interested in experiencing marine life in its natural habitat, then you should think about snorkelling. The experience depends on how clearly you can see inside the water so it is better to snorkel in clearer waters than muddy ones. Also, there are places which are popular for having a healthy fauna and flora under water and hence serve as amazing places to snorkel. These places give an experience you can cherish for a lifetime. You can click pictures underwater with the corals too. The corals have various colours and some also glow. They have the symbiotic algae which give them colour and the pigments which acts as the sun protection makes them glow. Few of the places famous for coral sightings are Australia, Maldives, Hawaii, Indonesia, and Philippines. Diving here with good gear from AquaVillans would bind to be a great experience.

Things to Remember Before Snorkelling:

  • You must snorkel as far as possible form the boats. Choose a spot with no boats around. It is also safer to discuss the path beforehand and go in pairs or groups.
  • Snorkelling can be done even if you don’t know how to swim. But you must make sure you are wearing a life jacket for safety. That is always endorsed by the staff.
  • The most common thing is getting water in your snorkel. Blow out a gush of air with a little force so that the water clears off and if there is too much water, you can remove the snorkel and turn it upside down until the water is drained from it. If you want some start-of-the-art snorkelling masks, you can look at Aqua Villains
  • You can also get water in the mask sometimes but all you must do is hold the mask between your eyes and blow out a forceful breath through your nose to clear it.
  • You need to know how high the currents are in the water. It is always said that calm waters make for ideal snorkelling experiences.
  • While under water you are instructed to not touch the corals. It is because one touch or an accidental kick could destroy years of growth. It is also advised not to feed the marine life. It is because they might become dependent on humans for food and then act aggressively if not fed.