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What is display cooling?

Display cooling is essentially equipment designed to keep your contents cool and low, while making your products highly visible. Stores such as mini-marts and bakeries use glass doors and refrigeration units to display their products visibly and successfully.

Display showcases with glass doors are not only ideal for safely selling cold drinks and new food products, but also for promoting your products to customers and increasing sales. Refrigeration systems with glass doors are ideal for self-service, where customers are free to browse as they please.

This applies not only to everyday refrigerators and freezers, but also to various types of equipment designed to successfully display inventory and create the most visible effect. You can learn more about some of the types of industrial refrigeration display equipment here.

display showcase

Why buy an industrial refrigeration display?

To give your business a bit of display refrigeration, it is important to simply use industrial refrigeration tools. Specifically designed for use in high-powered environments, all of our industrial tools are rigorously tested and inspected to ensure their effectiveness and efficiency in harsh environments.

Intrico AGN600-CR Glass Door Refrigerator

When it comes to industrial refrigeration, the following factors are generally considered the most important

Stronger construction with high quality materials

Better results

Precise temperature settings for a consistent and stable storage and display environment, even when the door is opened and closed frequently.

Stronger, more robust chiller components for better efficiency and longer unit life.

Refrigeration forms for display showcases

Commercial refrigerators and freezers with glass doors are collectively referred to as “refrigerated display showcases.”

There are two types of commercial display showcase refrigerators and freezers – upright and under-bench, respectively, and the most common size is with glass doors. Commercial cabinets and freezers have only one door. Overhead refrigerators are available with one, two or three doors, each with a larger capacity, so businesses of all sizes can find a refrigerator to suit their needs. Pneumatic freezers with glass doors are also available with one, two or three doors.

We also have wall-mounted freezers that are standard equipment in department stores and supermarkets. This model combines refrigerators and freezers on the basis of a chest freezer, creating a flexible refrigerated display showcase.