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Human resources is the term to define both the people as well as the department of people who work for the organization and management of employees in a company. There main responsibilities include staffing, development, compensation, health and safety as well as maintaining good employee and labour relations. These are just some of the activities that a HR department has to carry out along with capital management as well performance analysis and development of a company.

These actions can only be carried out by keeping track of all the employee as well as employer data while also overseeing the different policies of a company.

What is a Human Resource System?

Since the job responsibilities of HR people and the department are endless and demanding in nature, its important to have a proper HR system in place.

HR system

A human resource information system is a good way of storage and security of data rather than the age old way of manual paper filing information, which is impossible in the case of huge companies. These systems can be varied according to company preference.

Why is it needed?

This system has huge benefits because of its automated nature, decreasing the chances of human errors in case of a manual system. It overtakes some of the most common functions of HR like.

  • Sorting and management of all employee records
  • Producing charts and graphs for proper analysis
  • Ease of the request filing system like that of leave request and transfer request.
  • Maintaining a record of employer shift plans
  • Keeping track of employer attendance records
  • Management of training and recruitment procedures
  • Providing ease of automated correspondence
  • Monitoring and analyzing the compensations of employees