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Do you know about the 5g network?

When the times change from electronic gadgets to wireless which is the starting of going fully wireless in the world. Technology is growing so fast and this day will also come. The next level thing after going wireless will be the Internet of things or Industrial Internat of things in which use of more sensors or actuators to enhance manufacturing in a better way. But now if you know that the demand for more high speed, more bandwidth, and going smarter have come up with something new. Industry 4.0 or industrial internet are going to be 5g.

What are 5g and its negative effects?

harmful effects of 5g

The 5th generation network is new global wireless that evolves from its predecessor 4G and with more speed, more bandwidth, and smarter. The 5g network supports the internet of things as well as the industrial industry of things. The network is so powerful that it can connect virtually to everything across the horizon of machinery, objects, and more. If you have noticed, then when SpaceX tested its satellites in April over the EU and US and that time research was done. In that research, people reported unusual heart palpitation as well as shortness of breath. That’s why indicated the harmful effects of 5g on human beings and we have to find the solution for this issue. A 5g network will only work when the receiver is within the antenna of 1500 feet. And to locate anyone then 5g repeaters have to triangulate their waves to locate that person.